Engineering Ensures the Best Results

The Growing Importance of Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing engineering plays an important role in determining the best approach to manufacture parts in the most economic and efficient way.

Casting Simulation Before Pattern Making

We design the casting process on the computer, with 3D files imported in the simulation software, we can best design the sprue, runner and gates to produce the best quality castings, at the lowest cost and in a reduced lead time.

Pattern Design

Each pattern is carefully designed and built, which must provide accurate dimensions, compensate for solidification shrinkage and distortion, and include a gating system and mold removal method.

Machining Fixture Design

A well designed workholding fixture is key to the success of precision parts, so each fixture is custom made for the particular part to achieve the best machining efficiency.

Casting simulation before pattern making

Optimize Customer Design for Manufacturing Feasibility and Cost Saving

With expertise in manufacturing, we offer design optimization advice for lower manufacturing costs, without sacrificing product functions. We offer design optimization during customer design, quotation, prototyping as well as batch production.

Manufacturing Process Assessment

In consideration of the quality priority as well as lowest cost, we evaluate processes among forging, casting, bar machining, laser cutting, etc, to determine the most suitable process for your project.

Reverse Engineering

If the customer does not have a drawing, please send us a physical part, we can provide reverse engineering service to make 2D and 3D prints.

3D Modeling

We provide service of converting 2D prints into 3D models.